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We Support Our Staff

What are Staff Grants?

At PBC, our main focus is to advocate for the best interests of students in our schools. We strive to create supportive and inclusive communities that foster positive relationships among faculty, parents, and students. We provide resources and support to educators at PHHS, including an annual grant of $3,000 that is allocated to support teachers and coaches with supplies, equipment, and other educational resources to enhance their classrooms. To provide equal opportunity, each teacher/staff is allowed to request up to $300/year as funds are available.

Who can apply for a grant?

All PHHS teachers and staff are eligible to apply for a grant.

What is the grant process?

There are two steps to receive a grant: First, please complete the Request for Funds Application. All applications will be carefully reviewed and discussed at our monthly board meetings. You will be notified of your application's status by our secretary. If your application is approved, you must then submit a Payment Authorization Form, along with your receipts, to receive the grant.

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